Vaki:Poised For Tremendous Growth

Vaki is a leader in the development and manufacturing of equipment for fish farming and river stock management.

Fish farming is a growing global industry, and Vaki Aquaculture Systems is at the center of it all. Vaki, a dynamic Iceland-based company, specializes in manufacturing and developing equipment for fish counting and size estimation for fish farming businesses around the world. The company, which celebrates its 30th anniversary this year, exports its products to more than 60 countries, with particular focus on Norway, Scotland, Chile, Canada and Mediterranean countries. Vaki works with companies that have industrialized fish farming businesses using modern fish farming techniques. Companies that use Vaki’s equipment process a wide range of fish species including salmon, sea bass, tilapia, carp, white fish, and flatfish, among others.

While headquartered in Iceland, Vaki has a worldwide reach with offices in Norway, Scotland and Chile. The dedicated staff of more than 50 people work tirelessly to ensure that each product manufactured meets the strict standards set by management, and that customers can reach staff at a moment’s notice. “It’s important to have sales and service agents around the world to provide the best service possible,” says Benedikt Hálfdanarson, managing director of Vaki.


Vaki has an impressive and diverse product line that can accommodate businesses of all sizes

Diverse Product Line

Vaki has an impressive and diverse product line that can accommodate businesses of all sizes. The company manufactures an extensive range of counters that count fish from the hatching stage to harvesting. The products can count a wide range of fish species from 0.2 grams to 12 kilograms. Other products handle tasks including grading, splitting, moving and delivering fish stocks. Another of Vaki’s strengths is their technology, including infra-red camera-based and imaging software technology that puts Vaki counters above its competitors.

Vaki’s management team has chosen to specialize on select products to ensure quality and the best approach for each need, instead of offering every type of fish farming equipment. “Fish counters are the heart of the company and we strive to be the best at that, to be a leader in the industry,” says Benedikt. “We are loyal to our focus and are determined to work at what we are best at.”

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Service and support are a core part of Vaki’s business model that doesn’t end once a purchase has been made.

Unrivaled Training and Customer Service

Service and support are a core part of Vaki’s business model that doesn’t end once a purchase has been made. The company prides itself on its professional level of support when it comes to the service and maintenance of its suite of products. Company employees train equipment users to maximize performance and productivity, increase in-house expertise, and ensure that all users have the proper qualifications to take responsibility for improving production. Training is delivered during a time and location that is most convenient to the customer. Vaki also offers customers an online service contract and continued after-sales support. “It’s important to note that the relationship does not end at the sale,” says Benedikt. “We nurture relationships with customers, and are available for questions, maintenance, software issues and add-ons.”

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 Positioned for Growth

The company is committed to innovation and development and Vaki will continue to act as a leader in this growing industry as a trusted manufacturer and advisor to its customers.

One market that continues to be of interest with the possibility of strong growth is Asia, with a particular focus on China. Indeed, China is the biggest fish farmer in the world and, as Chinese companies continue to modernize, business owners are looking for the type of equipment that Vaki provides. Other Asian countries that are potential markets are Japan, Philippines, South Korea, Thailand, as well as Middle Eastern countries like Iran, Israel and Saudi Arabia.

 Numerous Accolades

vaki icelandic timesVaki is a healthy, profitable company that has been recognized for its success. In 2015, Vaki was named one of the strongest companies in Iceland by CreditInfo, for the fifth year in a row. Vaki was amongst the 1.7% of Icelandic companies that have achieved the requirements for this accreditation. Additionally, in 2009, Vaki received the President of Iceland’s Export Award for achievement in the exporting of Icelandic products and services to overseas markets.

The fish farming industry is a growing worldwide business and the future looks bright for Vaki.



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