Prepare to be Amazed


Helo flies you into panoramas only visible from the air
Through windows that stretch from floor to ceiling, you can view the spectacular sights that Iceland is so famous for from an entirely different perspective. While the people on the ground run around like ants, with only a limited view, soaring above them, you can truly take in the magnificent panoramas.

Time is short
Visiting Iceland, your time is necessarily limited and you want to make the most of it. Trips that might take all day in a coach can be accomplished in a matter of hours with time at more sites.


Specialists in photography
Since you are not restricted to following the roads when flying in a helicopter, a whole new world of sights is opened up to you. You go places that even off-road jeeps never reach.
Taking to the air offers a realm of unique photo opportunities that those on the ground would never even dream of. Different perspectives and angles, the play of light and shadow all take on a new dimension never seen by the earth-bound cameraman.
The Big Bell
Flying in a helicopter today is an experience in comfort travel. The new Bell 407 has a spacious cabin, comfortable seating and those big windows onto the world below. Seating up to six passengers, it’s a great opportunity for a family or incentive group. Helo has two other helicopters and all three can provide either group or exclusive flights.

Tours of a lifetime
There are four tours that are especially popular. The Reykjavík Panorama is a half-hour view of the capital from the air in which passengers can see everything from fishermen’s houses to the mountains of Esja.
The Geothermal Wilderness tour takes you further to Hvalfjörður fjord, where Allied ships prepared for the dangerous Atlantic crossing in the 1940s, before taking in the beautiful Glymur waterfall, the tallest in Iceland. On to Þingvellir, where the world’s longest running parliament first met. From the air, the view of the earth’s surface, as the American and European tectonic plates pull apart is unique. On the south side of Þingvallavatn lake lie the geothermal plants providing eco-friendly heat and hot water to Reykjavík from the hot volcanic rocks deep under the surface.

The Golden Experience
This flight takes in the sights of the Golden Circle—and a lot more. Spectacular from the air, you see the same fjord and waterfall before landing on Langjökull glacier, from which you can see both the Arctic Sea to the north and the Atlantic to the south on a clear day. Then, it’s on to see the mighty Gulfoss waterfall, lunching at Geysir before heading back to Þingvellir, the lake and geothermal areas. In about 3 hours, you get to take in more than road-based tours do in 12, with more flexibility and certainly, amazing views.

The Volcanic Adventure
This flies you to the notorious volcanos in South Iceland that brought air travel to a halt. Landing close to the Fimmvörðuháls volcano, you’ll feel the ground, still hot from the eruptions.

The Exclusive Flights
Offering both freedom and flexibility, you can go where and for as long as you like, creating your own experience. You could have lunch on a glacier, for example, or swim in a hot pool or dine at a fine country restaurant, as the sun sinks low on the horizon. It’s your choice—and the experienced staff will not only make it possible but will give you background information, too.

Book ahead
You can imagine, the trips are very popular— especially in summer, so it’s wise to contact Helo in advance to book the tour of your choice.

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