The local company produces a delightful range of coffees that can be enjoyed in a number of cafes in Iceland.

Coffee culture is strong in Iceland, and Kaffitár leads the way. A big part of Kaffitár’s story is their seven coffee houses, with the newest location at Perlan (The Pearl). The cafes feature vibrant hues, cheerful décor, and an engaging staff. The company aspires to combine the hominess of coffee house culture in a playful environment. You won’t find a pretentious, stuffy aura in Kaffitar cafes. The culture emphasizes a friendly feel that offers a fun ambience with a background of bright oranges, deep reds, and primary yellows for customers to enjoy while they feast on artisan sandwiches, gourmet pastries and cakes, and fine Icelandic treats.

Direct trade is important

Sourcing, roasting, brewing and serving great coffee is the reason why Kaffitár exists as a business and what makes employees excited to go to work every day. The coffee is carefully sourced and comes from different parts of the world, but the producers are very much part of the Kaffitar family. The company is proud to buy 85% of their green coffee beans directly from the farmers themselves. They also employ a direct trade concept that allows the company to provide donations and offer cooperation to the farms they buy from in order to enhance the quality of life for their workers. These are important principles to Kaffitar and they are pleased to bring a bit of Icelandic cheer to their communities.

Sustainability is key

The sustainability issue is also near and dear to Kaffitar, and by having their cafes certified by Nordic Ecolabelling (The Swan), they can assure sustainability from seed to cup. Kaffitar is the first café in Iceland to receive the Nordic environmental certification. The Swan is the official ecolabel of the Nordic countries that helps consumers choose products and services that are more environmentally friendly than others on the market. In accordance with The Swan, Kaffitár has taken specific measures to reduce the use of disposable packaging, like cardboard and plastic, which reduces trash. The company strives to use recyclable packaging as well as eco-friendly cleaning products. Strict requirements related to The Swan designation ensure that Kaffitár’s activities and services are at the forefront of minimizing negative environmental and health effects. In collaboration with customers, Kaffitar has worked hard to focus on reducing waste and promoting positive environmental factors.

Great coffee and cozy atmosphere

You can expect a fun, light-hearted atmosphere when you visit a Kaffitar café and the new addition at the Pearl is a welcome addition to the neighborhood, where tourists and locals enjoy quality coffee in comfortable surroundings. Kaffitar is popular for a reason-customers get quality coffee and delicious food along with a company that cares about its environmental impact in the world. Stop by Kaffitar during your next trip to Iceland!

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+354 – 420 2700