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Bjarmaland Travel Ltd. is an Icelandic Touroperator working worldwide, but emphasizing in exotic destinations for Icelandic tourists.  Bjarmaland Travel is a pioneer in cruises in Russia and East Europe. We also do cruises in the Caribbean Sea: Mexico – Cuba and are going to open many exotic destinations furthermore. We have presence in Moscow in the rapidly growing Russian market and we take Russian tourists, from all over the CIS countries, to one of the most hidden Tourist Paradise of the North – Iceland.

Bjarmaland Travel Ltd. works globally inviting tourists to Iceland as well as taking Icelanders worldwide.We get tourists acquainted with modern Icelandic society, the history of the young country and show them the marvelous Icelandic nature, geology, flora and fauna. Keep contact – you don’t get disappointed!  

Please contact for tours and booking information.

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Hrauntunga 111 200 Kópavogur

770-5060, 770-5061

[email protected]