Cafe Dunhagi is a restaurant specializes in local cuisine. Fresh local fish, Icelandic lamb, vegetarian specials and homemade breads and desserts to die for. We use local
herbs and spices from the fjord and serve a wonderful selection of wine and beer for your pleasure.

A place of story telling. I have put together a wonderful collection of old photographs of the people that settled this beautiful fjord. The photos tell a remarkable story
of survival, adverse conditions and a colorful culture that has shaped Iceland to what it is today.

The Cafe is located in one of the oldest building in the fjord and has a story of its own. When you walk through the door you will take a step into the past and find a warm
and cozy surroundings with old fashioned hospitality, great food and a hostess that loves telling stories, oh yes, and crazy about, country music, Blossom Dairy, Nina Simone,
Gypsy Kings, Bob Dylan and just great tunes in general. Music is passion and of you don´t like what you hear be the disc jockey and put any number of classics on our turn

Our goal; To create a memorable event for our customers in a place where you can enjoy thoughtful food, beautiful wines while being surrounded by untouched nature and
unprecedented bird colonies a footstep away.

Our season starts 15th of may until the 15th of sep.

Opening hours

Mon-fri 11 – 22:00
weekdays 12 – 23:00

TEl 354 662 0463
Location ja.is eða google maps

Location:Next to the local swimming pool and camping area.

Sveinseyri 460 Tálknafjörður


[email protected]


Open from 01/06/2013 to 31/08/2013



  • Best of Iceland

    Best of Iceland
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