Isle of art by Sarah Schug and Paulina Miko

Isle of art

Isle of art

Book launch
May 28 at 6 pm
The Living Art Museum, Marshall House

Join us for a get-together at The Living Art Museum in the beautiful Marshall House to celebrate the release of Isle of art May 28 at 6 pm. There will be coffee, Belgian chocolate and of course the chance to get your hands on a freshly printed copy.

A wall installation will feature poignant quotes from the book about the state of Iceland’s art scene today, inviting everyone to hang out and join the discussion.

About the book
Is there a common denominator in Icelandic art? How has the scene changed over the last decades? What does it mean to live, work and create as an artist on a remote island in the north Atlantic? How does such a tiny scene function? What are the highs and lows of living in a small art community? Why would a Paris-based artist decide to run an art space in a remote fishing village here? Why exactly is the scene so vibrant? And how does one deal with the lack of an art market? These are the kinds of questions we asked the artists, curators, gallerists, framers and collectors that we interviewed for this book in February, March, April and August of 2017. We spoke to newbies and oldtimers, Icelanders and foreigners, and created this compendium of our in-depth conversations, a rich canon of different voices from inside the Icelandic art community. A selection of outdoor art pieces, museums and other arty discoveries around the island complete the mosaic. The first of its kind, this book compiles the people, places, and projects defining the scene, which extends far beyond the country’s capital Reykjavík.

Writer: Sarah Schug

Photographer: Pauline Mikó with additional contributions by Lilja Birgisdóttir and Ágúst Atlason

Graphic Design: Raya Boteva

Proofreading: Rose Kelleher

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