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Siglunes is a sailing club by the sea where lively and brave children have the opportunity to explore their own sense of adventure.  In the summer a selection of sailing courses are provided for children at the age of 9-12 years old.  In addition to the courses a sailing club is operated for children, 10-16 years old, with previous experience of sailing or other watersports.  Along with all this Siglunes also has a boat rental in the summertime.

During the summer the staff in Siglunes is around dozen of people and there is a lot of emphasis placed on their training that includes knowledge of the boats and sailing, the subjects and adjustments of each course and of course first aid.   Siglunes makes a point of organising the courses so they become outstandingly various, creative and fun.

Sailing course  9-12 yrs old
The sailing course is for children 9-12 yrs old and its duration is two weeks. 

The program is Monday – Friday from 9.00-12.00 o´clock or 13.00-16.00 o´clock.

The nature of the course is to teach the basics in the use of small boats, paddling and sailing.  Participants get to know rowing boats, kayaks, canoes and different sized sailboats. They learn of what to beware in the sailing of small boats and how to  react if accidents occur at sea. 

Adventurous trips are taken, despite of the various weather, in the nearby bay as it is important to be able to control a boat in different circumstances. The courses are demanding, exciting and fun and there is a lot of emphasis on learning while having fun in good company. It is important that participant wear good and warm clothing, preferably tagged with name and phonenumber.

It is possible to registrate from 1st of april by contacting us.  Note that it is only possible to registrate before 14.00 o´clock on a Friday if expected to start on the following Monday.

To contact us:  Tél: 5513177  E-mail: [email protected]

Sailing club 10-16 yers old
The sailing club is for children 10 – 16yrs old.

The club is for children and teenagers that are interested in training the various watersports offered  here by Siglunes.  The goal is to give those individuals a chance to improve their sailing skills from perhaps previous courses and maintain it. 

It is possible to registrate from 1st of april by contacting us. 

To contact us:  Tél: 5513177  E-mail: [email protected]

Different yachts and boats. 

Nauthólsvík 101 Reykjavík


[email protected]

Open all year round.



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