Stykkishólmur Swimming pool

Outdoor and indoor swimming pool with Frasenius certified water, claimed to have regenerative powers. Thermal tubs, water slide and a wading pool for the children.

Opening hours Week days: Fridays: Saturdays: Sundays:
June 1st – August 31st: 07:00-22:00 07:00-19:00 10:00-18:00 10:00-18:00
September 1st – May 31st: 07:00-22:00 07:00-22:00 10:00-17:00 10:00-17:00
Out and indoor swimming pool with thermal tubs, waterchute and a small pool for the children.

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    Sports Center Borg

Borgarbraut 4 340 Stykkishólmur


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Open all year round.



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