Visiting Anna and Sólveig

Visit Anna and Sólveig

Anna and Sólveig have decided to open the doors to their unique scenic home on the coastline at Þórkötlustaðir, just outside of Grindavík.

They have both worked as guides and from time to time stopped by their house with groups and both parties enjoyed it so much that they’ve decided to offer other interested visitors the chance to stop by. Having lived there for over a decade they have come to know the area – its history, geology and culture – so well that Sólveig says almost every rock and cranny has a story to tell.

The landscapes are also a constant inspiration as Anna can attest to. Her workshop is on the premises where she welcomes visitors and shares how these influences show up in her work as a sculptor.

Getting coffee, going for a walk, sharing stories, inspiration and experiences is indeed as local as it gets.

They can accommodate small groups of up to 25 persons.

Þorkötlustaðir 3 240 Grindavík

+354 866 4567, +354 898 6162

[email protected]

Open upon request



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