The Forest Waterfall’ as the word Skógarfoss translates, is one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Iceland. This classic 62m high and 15 m wide waterfall is the last and most spectacular in a series of falls that are found in the Skógá River. Over 30 beautiful smaller waterfalls grace the river before it ultimately gushes over the cliffs at Skógar, afterwhich it gently wends its way over the Skógarsandar sand flats and onwards to the Atlantic Ocean. A path leads to the top of the waterfall and from there it is possible to hike into Skógargil ravine, where as many as 30 beautiful smaller waterfalls can be seen along the way.


Skógarfoss. Photo Björn Rúriksson

The Legend of Skógar Falls
A legend tells of a man named Thrasi Thórólfsson, the first settler at Skógar who hid a chest full of gold underneath the waterfall. Repeated glimpses of the chest eventually enticed three men to make an attempt to retrieve  the chest from the water. The men managed to get ahold of one of the handles, but as they tried to drag the chest to land, the ring broke off and the chest disappeared once again under the falls, putting an end to their efforts.  It is said that the ring once served as a handle on the church door at Skógar Church and can be seen today on the entrance door at Skógar Folk Museum.  When the sun shines on Skógárfoss you can still see a glimmer of gold appearing In the waterfall.

An old rhyme about this legend says-

‘Thrasi’s chest is full of riches

under the Skógar Falls.

Whosoever chances to find it first

gets to keep it all.’