Spend an afternoon at Kaffi kú

The coffeehouse near Akureyri is a fun outing for families and tourists.
Kaffi kú is one of the most unique and enjoyable coffeehouse experiences you can have in Iceland. The coffeehouse, which is located just 10km south of Akureyri, is situated on the top floor of cowshed. Guests can enjoy coffee drinks and snacks while watching the cows getting milked, or enjoying the view over the fjord. The cowshed separates the coffeehouse by glass. There are two seating areas–one is located in the front hall with seats for 30 people, and a small play area for children. The other area is overlooking the cowshed, separated by glass, with seats for 30 people.

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Delicious Snacks
Kaffi kú was founded in 2011 by locals Einar Örn and Sesselja Ingibjörg Barðdal Reynisdóttir and is enjoyed by Icelanders and tourists alike. On the menu are Belgian and Icelandic waffles, pancakes, tasty baked pastries, milkshakes, and homemade soup with freshly baked bread. All the milk used in drinks and food comes directly from the 120 cows onsite.

kaffi ku icelandic times IMG_2017Advanced Technology
Kaffi kú ‘s operations are based in the largest and most technologically advanced barn in Iceland. In addition to seeing the animals, guests can also monitor all the devices that are used in the cowshed, where automated machines do all the hard work. It’s a fascinating process and it’s interesting to get a behind-the-scenes view.

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If interested, guests can enter the cowshed and pat the calves and observe the milking. Furthermore, guests are delighted to see local people working at the barn. For instance, the owner’s father is the farmer and locals love to come and visit. The owners also process beef straight from the farm that is for sale. Customers can pick up fresh or frozen hamburgers, tenderloin, rib eye, fillets and more.
Swing by Kaffi kú the next time you’re up north! The coffeehouse is just 10km from Akureyri and it’s a lovely little spot to have a truly unique experience in Iceland. The owners are planning to expand the coffeehouse to make it larger to accommodate the growing interest from tourists. More travelers to Akureyri are stopping by Kaffi kú to have a great snack and meet some Icelandic cows. From June 1 Kaffi kú will be open daily from 10:00-18:00.

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Kaffi kú

Garður farm, Akureyri
+354 867 3826
[email protected]