Cross the Arctic Circle

Stay, eat and enjoy the life on Iceland’s northernmost outpost

Básar Guesthouse has two unique attributes: it has the Arctic Circle and the local airport in its garden! It’s not busy, so planes don’t disturb the guests. It’s hard to miss your flight, when it comes right to your doorstep!
The guesthouse is open year round, since the little island of Grímsey is popular with those with a penchant for something different. A wholesome breakfast is included and lunch and dinner are available on request.
kria iceland grimseykrian egg icelandictimes grimseyLocal food is served—fish and lamb dishes, puffin and sometimes, whale and shark – with a shot of the powerful brennivín to wash it down. Kaldi beer is shipped in from the micro brewery on the mainland a few miles away.
It’s a cosy guesthouse with 8 rooms for both made-up beds and sleeping bag accommodation. WiFi is available to keep in touch.
kriuveitingar icelandictimesEat in the Arctic
Kriuveitingar Restaurant serves local and seasonal food, including fresh fish daily and puffin. You can try bird eggs in May, for example, or the new plate: a tasty puffin appetiser – cooked 3 different ways. There is a good menu selection available, including hamburgers, sandwiches, local lamb dishes.
Grimsey  krian icelandictimesIt is open daily for lunch and dinner from 15th May – 15th Sept. and whenever there’s an event on the island. In winter, the restaurant opens specially for groups.

Kria icelandictimesBásar & Krían


611 Grímsey

+354 4673112, 4673103

[email protected]