Þórunn Bára opens her exhibition, Tilvera, in Galleri Fold by Rauðarárstígur on Saturday 31 October 2020. A common theme in Þórunn Bára’s works is perception of nature. She believes that sensory experience is an underused way of people’s critical thinking and responsibility to the environment and their own lives: a way that can reduce alienation and be an incentive for good deeds.

Þórunn Bára graduated in painting and drawing from the University of the Arts in Edinburgh and a master’s degree in art from Wesleyan University in the United States. The exhibition says Þórunn Bára: “Tilvera is the title of my exhibition in Galleri Fold. The exhibition includes new acrylic works, painted on canvas, citing lush nature; plants of various types that have established themselves in barren volcanic soil under the protection of ecosystems without human intervention. I seek inspiration from the Natural Sciences Workshop on the progress of life on Surtsey. The paintings testify to the strength, delicacy and beauty of nature. Nature is the basis of life on earth and a connection to it gives the opportunity to experience human-improving feelings and gain a greater understanding of one’s own life. With these works, I draw attention to nature and allow it to touch hearts so that we can take an informed stand on climate change that has a gradual effect on all life. The ecosystem is in trouble. The earth is our only home. We have a shared responsibility to address the various causes of global warming and to respond, both verbally and verbally. This show is my contribution. “