Whale_watching_in_Iceland_Elding_Humpback1Whales, Dolphins, Puffins and Fish

Elding – Pioneers of Reykjavik’s Whale Watching Phenomenon
Digital StillCameraRannveig and her family were the first to start whale watching trips in Reykjavik in autumn of 2001. Whale watching was uncharted territory and they had just one boat. Word of their success in consistently finding whales and dolphins got around and the trips increased in popularity. After merging with another company they had five boats. They proved necessary, as the idea of whale watching captured the hearts of people everywhere.

2010_07_06_1400_Puffin1_Meganpuffin_eyja3Puffin Islands
On each trip, the boat takes time to visit either Lundey or Akurey, the two islands near Reykjavik where thousands of puffins nest and breed during the summer months (which one depends on the tides), The boats get in close – very close – without disturbing the birds, providing fantastic photo opportunities. Around the islands, other birds like eider ducks, black guillemots and cormorants can regularly be seen, too.

Puffin ‘n Fishing
Daily in summer, there are two additional hour-long trips just to see the puffins and one 3-hour trip which includes fishing. The fish you catch are barbequed on board. You can’t get a fresher meal than that!
Midnight_MagnusGMidnight Watch
Summer whale watching in the beautiful evening light, as the sun sets close to midnight, has become very popular. This provides special photo opportunities.
IMG_0235There is now a whale watching trip every day throughout the winter, except when wild weather prevents it, providing an awesome experience. Elding always gives clear, frank counsel about the weather beforehand.
img_0152The Key Difference
Anyone can take a boat out into the Atlantic – and many do – but what makes the experience memorable is the quality of service. Each boat has an expert crew and marine biologists on board, whose live commentary, expertise and friendly explanations turn the trip into an exciting experience.
Jumping_Dolphins25_Harpa“Elding is far and away the best Whale-Watch operator in Reykjavik. Outstanding naturalist guides, very friendly and professional staff, comfortable and stable boats and Marine Biologists working on board…Brilliant! – Mark Carwardine, BBC TV presenter and one of the world’s foremost whale and dolphin experts.
IMG_7803Eco-friendly operation
From the outset, Elding set the bar high on standards of professionalism in each area. Since 2006, it has received the Green Globe/Earth Check certification, whose audit requires an annual improvement in their environmental impact. Elding also participates in marine research, cataloguing and behaviour monitoring of the whales. They now have over 300 whales listed and photgraphed.
An older ship has been converted into a Whale Watching Centre, whose centrepiece is the skeleton of a minke whale. Downstairs is a walk-through presentation which should not be missed. Films shot underwater take you into the world of the whales. With a café and shop to relax in and seating both up on deck, with a beautiful view of the harbour and inside, this is worth a visit in itself. It is open daily from 8 am to 5 pm.

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