Your Host: An Experienced Host in Organising Conferences and Meetings

Iceland is an increasingly popular conference destination. If you have recently attended a conference in Iceland, chances are it has been organised by ‘Your Host in Iceland’.

Since 1996, Inga Sólnes and her team at ‘’Your Host in Iceland’’ have specialised in organising conferences, meetings and trips for foreign and Icelandic customers, institutions, organisations, companies and individuals. ‘Your Host in Iceland’ provides custom, individualized services to suit the unique needs of each client. They will meet guests at the airport, book accommodations, organise leisure activities and sightseeing tours for both small and large groups.Gestanattura

A Boat Trip and Shellfish Dinner
Inga Sólnes has just completed a large international medical conference, which turned out very well in all respects. Following the conference, participants travelled to Snæfellsnes and were treated to a boat tour and a delicious shellfish dinner, sampling the finest bounty of the Icelandic waters. The participants were very pleased with the conference – some even mentioned that this was the best conference they had ever attended.


Inga Sólnes and her company will take care of the details so that organizers can focus on the content of the conference itself.

‘Your Host in Iceland’ Has It Covered
There are many things to attend to when organising a conference, a meeting or a seminar. A budget must be set, a venue  selected and booked, equipment and technical services provided for, and all kinds of material must be designed, written and printed – even a website must often be created. All this is taken care of by ‘Your Host in Iceland’. ‘Your Host in Iceland’ even offers programmes specifically designed for guests or spouses who may have accompanied the participants to the conference. Not to mention that local and foreign media communication can also be arranged. Conference organizers will find working with ‘Your Host in Iceland’ is like a breath of fresh air. Inga Sólnes and her company will take care of the details so that organizers can focus on the content of the conference itself. And when the conference is over, organisers can be confident that all accounts have been settled – ‘Your Host in Iceland’ takes care of those important details as well.


Puffins at Látrabjarg

Iceland is a Superior Conference Destination
‘Your Host in Iceland’ has taken care of a multitude of Nordic conferences. Iceland is an especially popular conference destination in the Nordic countries. It seems people jump at the opportunity to travel to this fascinating country. This year, and indeed the year before, the conferences ‘Your Host in Iceland’ has organised have not been any less numerous despite the Icelandic financial collapse and the following crisis. In fact, the fall in the value of the krona has, of course, made it especially attractive to come to Iceland. – It is less expensive than before and yet the service level remains the same, or in some cases, has even improved.



Incentive Trips
Naturally, ‘Your Host in Iceland’ revolves around conferences, nevertheless, they are well versed in organising a variety of related activities. For instance, for companies providing their employees with special bonuses or for those companies offering group travel to inspire the spirit of the company, ‘Your Host in Iceland’ is pleased to facilitate memorable wilderness adventure trips that take in the best of Iceland’s natural beauty. The hallmark of ‘Your Host in Iceland’ is friendly, flexible, efficient and personal service based on the company’s extensive contacts and goodwill within the Icelandic travel and commercial sectors. Inga Sólnes and her team look forward to serving you in Iceland. ‘Your Host in Iceland’ is located in downtown Reykjavík.

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