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The Culture House

The house was built in 1925 as community hospital. In 2003 it was thoroughly renovated and opened as Culture House for the Ísafjörður District Library, Ísafjörður Art Collection, District Archives and Photo Collection.

The Library (est. 1889) a collection of ca. 122.000 books, periodicals and newspapers, a readingroom, and access to the Internet.

Ísafjörður Art Collection (est. 1963) a collection of ca. 200 paintings, sculptures, drawings etc. Most of the works are in public houses in the community and exhibitions are usually in the Culture House.

Photo Collection (est. 1970) a collection of 446.000 photographs on glass, films and paper. The photos are from late 19th century to 1990.

The Archives (est. 1952) Collects records in the district of Ísafjardarbær and Ísafjarðarsýsla.

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