On the border

Fossvogsdalur is a great outdoor area on the border between Reykjavík and Kópavogur. The valley that runs east of Fossvogur cove is 2.5 km long. In the westernmost part of the valley, east of Kringlumýrarbraut is a large forest area where trees have been grown since 1933. Reykjavík City has its nursery there at Svartaskógur. There are walking and cycling paths around the valley, playground equipment for children, and a nine-hole golf course, one of the most enjoyable in the capital area. The course is in both Kópavogur and Reykjavík, but the Fossvog stream that flows in the middle of the valley, with several ponds, separates these two largest municipalities in the country. The Víkingur sports club has its soccer field and facilities at the valley’s eastern end. A swimming pool will soon be built there, Fossvogslaug, in the middle of Fossvogsdalur.

From Reykjavík City’s nursery

Plants trimmed in one of Reykjavík’s greenhouses in Fossvogsdalur.

It’s good to know what these flowers are called.

Flowering in early September.

One of the playgrounds in Fossvogsdalur, on the Kópavog side.

The border of Kópavog and Reykjavík, pond in Fossvogslækur.

Reykjavík 05/09/2022 : A7C – FE 1.8/20mm G

Photographs & text: Páll Stefánsson