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See Your Dream Holiday Through Refractive Surgery at Sjónlag
Standing on top of an Icelandic glacier, with its clear and unblemished majestic views in all directions, is something you can only truly experience with your own eyes and that is exactly what Sjónlag eye clinic wants to offer to potential visitors with imperfect eyesight—an affordable refractive eye surgery and Iceland’s grandeur, all in one trip.

oskar i adgerdA Perfect Match
While many people wouldn’t necessarily equate having lasers pointed into your eyes with a relaxing holiday, Kristinn Ólafsson, manager of Sjónlag, says they are a better match than one might think. “What we propose is a holiday with a lasting benefit. What we offer has to do with quality of life and helping people get the most of it. We want to help people see life with their own eyes and we feel that there is no better place to begin with than the beautiful landscapes of Iceland,” says Kristinn.
A surgery would require only three short appointments—one pre-check-up, the procedure and a follow-up appointment. The procedure itself only takes a few seconds. “The very next day you’ll be able to go sightseeing with a brand new set of eyes, as it were,” says Kristinn.
SL  162Highest Standard of Quality
Kristinn says that Sjónlag would only suggest such a holiday if they were absolutely sure that the clinic was up to the highest standard of quality. “We have bought two new state of the art lasers, all our staff are highly experienced, both abroad and here in Iceland, and the clinic has done thousands of procedures with excellent results,” says Kristinn.
Sjónlag offers a wide variety of ophthalmological procedures, as different sets of eyes require different treatments. “It is important that we find the correct solution for each individual, which is why we do thorough research and consultation at the beginning stages,” says Kristinn.

SL  133Two in One
“Iceland’s many qualities have been well documented recently—we have all these incredible natural phenomena, high quality accommodation and food, good infrastructure and it is very clean, making complications from infection almost unheard of. The current currency situation is really the icing on the cake for potential visitors, as we can offer the procedure at a fraction of the price that neighbouring countries are currently offering. You can get your eyes fixed and an unforgettable holiday in Iceland for the same price as just the procedure elsewhere,” says Kristinn.

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