Dynamic Jewellery

bom4Feminine and romantic silver jewellery created under the influence of ancient cultures and the forces of Icelandic nature. Handcrafted, each one is unique. The designers seek perfection in the imperfection of each jewellery piece, with a focus on ancient ways in their construction, making B.O.M. jewellery a beautiful token for the past, present and future.

Be sure to visit the annual Handverk og hönnun exhibition, which takes place November 5-9 this year, in the Reykjavik City Hall. Scores of designers will be on hand displaying and selling their inventive goods. The setting will serve as a great place for travellers to pick up a unique handmade treasure, to remember their trip by.

Their products are also available in the home decore store Sirka in Akureyri, see www.sirka.is





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B.O.M. Silver

Bryndís Pernille Magnúsdóttir Tel: +354 699 0818 

[email protected]

Oddrún Halldóra Magnúsdóttir Tel: • +354 894 0410 

[email protected]