Engilberts Offers Inventive Designs that Feature the Work of Jón Engilberts

engilbert icelandic times 20151015_130924-01engilbert icelandictimes IMG_0080Engilberts is a dynamic design company that cherishes the work of one of Iceland’s most beloved artists, Jón Engilberts. Jón was a very accomplished and distinguished artist who won the Van Gogh prize in 1939, and was given the Order of the Falcon from the president of Iceland in 1961. The owner of the company, Greta Engilberts, is Jón’s granddaughter. She owns the rights to his work and wants to celebrate his memory by printing his work onto various design products.  The goal is to allow Jón’s art to live on and her dedication is to bringing Jón’s art to the people.

Diverse Product Line

Engilberts, which has an online shop at www.engilberts-honnun.is, offers varied product lines with something for everyone. The company creates delicate scarves, buffs and pillows that feature Jón’s printed artwork as well as unisex T-shirts and fiber cloths to polish glasses. Stylish collars made from Icelandic goatskin and handmade jewelry that incorporates ostrich and raven feathers are also available. Each piece is carefully handcrafted with great care. Engilberts’ workshop, which holds the entire collection, is open to the public and the designer loves welcoming visitors! Design pieces are for sale at the workshop as well as at the Blue Lagoon, Rammagerðin, Listasafn Íslands, the flower shop in Harpa called Upplifun, onboard Wow Air flights, at Sirka in Akureyri, and at Skjaldarvík Guesthouse in North Iceland.


Fjarðarás 19
110 Reykjavik
[email protected]
+354 694 6592