Celebrating their 30th year of operation this year

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Untouched nature and interesting history are among the attractions of Djúpavík at Strandir. In this remote part of Iceland, a special breed of people found a way to live off the land and, when all the fjords were filled with herring, it became an important player in the hunt for the ‘silver of the sea’. Now it is a haven for walkers and nature lovers who come to Hotel Djúpavík from early spring till autumn. hotel djupavik arneshreppur icelandic timesicelandictimes djupavik hotel djupavikOld factory and dormitory

Hotel Djúpavík was established in 1985 when Eva Sigurbjörnsdóttir and her husband Ásbjörn Þorgilsson decided to cultivate guests rather than fish. “We had planned to start a fish farm but were unable to get a loan,” says Eva. “We had bought the women’s dormitory along with the old herring factory and the hotel started there.” Most guests stay at Hotel Djúpavík in search of a nature experience. Many walk from one fjord to another but others use cars, kayaks or boats to get from place to place. Eva and Ásbjörn provide guidance and advice on what to see and how to get there along with comfort and rest after a long day’s exploration. djupavik01hotel djupavik pA Historical Exhibition

The Herring Factory is now the site of Djúpavík’s Historical Exhibition, where old photographs and texts lead viewers through the life and times of people in this quiet cove at the edge of the world. There are guided tours provided daily at 10am and 2pm. –JB

Hótel Djúpavík

Djúpavík • 524 Árneshreppur +354 451 4037 [email protected] www.djupavik.com