Embraced by the Nature of East Iceland

Fishing, Hiking and Hunting in the Tranquility of Breiðdalur Valley with the Elves and Trolls

stadarborg-icelandic times breiddalvikThere are still many areas of Iceland that have, for whatever reason, not yet attracted too much in the way of mass-tourism. Breiðdalur Valley in East Iceland is just one of those places. As remote as it is beautiful, the valleyhotel stadarborg breiddalsvik icelandic times has only stadarborg icelandic timesa few farms scattered here and there and you can easily have the entire valley pretty much to yourself. There are a good variety of marked trails which are excellent for day hikes and you will also find three of Iceland’s most beautiful fishing rivers, Breiðdalsá and its attractive waterfall Beljandi, the Tinnudalsá River and Norðurdalsá River. While autumn is an ideal time for hunting geese, ptarmigan and even reindeer, fishing for brown trout is possible throughout the year.
icelandic times breidalavikSo where to stay while surrounded by so much natural beauty? Hótel Staðarborg, of course! So deep is the peace and quiet that guests often wake up to see a herd of reindeer grazing right outside their window. In the small stand of trees behind the hotel, small birds flit from branch to branch, singing and chattering.
breidalavik stadarborg iceland icelandic timesOwner/manager Arnar Stefánsson tells me that many tourists ask him if this is the right place to see elves and trolls. “I always tell them, yes, this is exactly the right place!”
Hótel Staðarborg is formerly the schoolhouse in Breiðdalur which has now been thoroughly renovated and can accommodate 54 people in 30 spacious rooms complete with private facilities and television. Sleeping bag accommodation and a camping site is also available.
The hotel’s restaurant serves á la carte meals and refreshments are available throughout the day. Facilities at Hótel Staðarborg include a jacuzzi and a grassy sports field.
The hotel is located on Route 1, about 7km from the village of Breiðdalsvík. It is 625km from Reykjavík and 75km from Egilsstaðir.
The hotel is also an ideal stop for those who are travelling by the Norraena ferry, as it is only about 100km from Seyðisfjörður.
So will you finally get a glimpse of one of those elusive elves or trolls here in the natural paradise that is Breiðdalur Valley? You’ll have to find the answer to that one yourself! – EMV