Soothe your skin at the Blue Lagoon’s bathing facilities and through its skin care line

The Blue Lagoon draws visitors from around the world to soak in its luxurious, milky-blue waters amid a dreamlike atmosphere. The heated water, which ranges 37-39°C (98-102°F), is heavenly any time of year. Enjoying the steamy air while soaking in its warm waters during the summer is so soothing, especially on sunny days. In the winter, bathing in the illuminated Blue Lagoon is both eerie and wonderful; watching snow falling or the Northern Lights dancing across the jet-black December night sky, while lounging in the warmth of its soothing waters, is sublime.

The Blue Lagoon & Northern Lights

It all begins with geothermal seawater

The lagoon’s water goes through an involved process before it reaches the bathers. Ocean water seeps through porous lava about 2,000 metres deep within the earth, mixing with fresh water under extreme heat and tremendous pressure. It is ultimately brought to the surface through geothermal extraction wells, undergoing natural filtration as it passes through the rock strata.

Winter in the Blue Lagoon

Silica, algae, and minerals

The Blue Lagoon offers more than a relaxing soak; it has healing characteristics from the unique elements found in its waters, making it heavenly for your skin. Mineral salts come from the ocean, while silica is released from the volcanic rocks that surround the aquifers. Algae makes its way into the lagoon from the surrounding ecosystem. These elements are what gives the lagoon its blue colour and lure travellers with skin conditions like psoriasis and eczema to find relief in its waters.

Blue Lagoon skin care

While soaking in the Blue Lagoon releases its the healing and revitalizing power, everyone can enjoy its benefits through the Blue Lagoon’s extensive line of skin care products. Its first products were launched in 1995: a silica mud mask and bath salts, created to treat psoriasis. Today, its products are used by people around the world, particularly the signature masks. The Silica Mud Mask incorporates silica and geothermal seawater to provide a deep cleanse, minimise the appearance of pores and strengthen the skin’s outer layers. Meanwhile the Algae Mask, based on the Blue Lagoon’s unique microalgae, works to moisturise and reduce the degradation of collagen caused by harmful ultraviolet light. Another favourite is the Lava Scrub, which contains geothermal seawater, silica and finely ground lava. Other products include exfoliators, cleansers, day creams, eye creams, lip balms, body lotions and scrubs.

Blue Lagoon Skincare products

The Blue Lagoon’s skin care line is a tangible reminder of the healing wonder of the lagoon that can be enjoyed in the comfort of your home.

Blue Lagoon