The fish in the sea

Iceland is one of the largest fishing nations in the world. In this fishing season, which begins on 1 September each year, the Directorate of Fisheries allocated catch quotas of 476,651 tonnes. The catch quota is distributed to 424 vessels owned by 308 operators. Brim in Reykjavík receives the largest allocation to its vessels or 9.33% of the total, Samherji in Akureyri is next with 7.01% and FISK in Sauðárkrókur is the third largest with 6.22% of the total quota. The vessel that receives the most fishing rights is Sólberg ÓF 1, owned by Rammar in Siglufjörður. Of the fish species, the cod quota is the largest or 208 thousand tonnes, Ufsi is in second place with 73 thousand tonnes, and Herring is in third place with 68 thousand tonnes. In fourth place is haddock with 39 tonnes, and in fifth place is halibut with 14 thousand tonnes. Of the almost 40 commercial fish species caught in Iceland, the smallest quota is for Skrápflúra, only 22 tonnes.

A prow of a boat in Reykjavík Harbor

Eight species of flatfish are caught in Icelandic waters.

A bollard in Reykjavík Harbor

Getting ready for the next tour.

Reykjavík 29/04/2021 08:41 – 09:59 : A7R III – A7C : FE 1.4/85mm GM – FE 1.4/24mm GM

Photographs and text: Páll Stefánsson