From A to Ö

So beautiful this week, coming to Reykjavík from the south and seeing Hringvegur 1 lit up in the evening sun at Sandskeið; yes 22 km home, 1299 km done. The ring road, road 1 is 1321 km long, and it is all paved, finally. A total of 12,900 km of roads in Iceland are managed by Vegagerðin. 5,600 km of the country’s roads are paved, gravel roads are 7,300 km long. Fifty-nine km of the road system are in tunnels, and a total of 32 km are on bridges, the longest one being Borgarfjarðarbrú, built in 1974, it is 520 m long. The longest tunnel in Iceland is between Ísafjörður, Önundarfjörður and Suðureyri, just over 9 km, it was inaugurated in 1996. The Héðinsfjarðargöng are two km longer, but in two parts, inaugurated in 2010. The highest road in Iceland is the F821 from Sprengisandsvegur down to Eyjafjörður, but the highest it goes is up to 942 m. The most beautiful section of road in Iceland? Of course, it depends on the light and the time of year, but under normal conditions it is probably most beautiful to go to Vatnsnes from Hvammstanga, road 711, or to Brekka in Mjóifjörður from Egilsstaðir, road 953, unfortunately both roads are very potholed gravel roads though.

 Road 953, Mjóafjarðarheiði 

 Ringroad nr. 1, on Sandskeið, looking west towards Reykjavík 

At Hvammsvík in Hvalfjörður, road 47 

 Dettifossvegur, road 890

Iceland 2022 : A7C, A7R III, A7RIV : FE 1.8/20mm G, FE 2.8/100mm GM. FE 2.8/90mm G, FE 1.8/135mm GM
Photographs & text: Páll Stefánsson