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In the Realm of Vatnajökull Glacier

There are few experiences on earth that compare to the heady rush one feels while standing atop the largest glacier in Europe. Until recently, your chances to scale the heights of Vatnajökull Glacier have been limited, as very few tour companies have the skills, the manpower or the equipment necessary to pull off such an adventure. Glacier Journey Tours, however, is one such company. Long time residents of the area, Laufey and her husband Guðlaugur started the company in 2006 and know the area better than most. The company offers a variety of exciting tours on and around the massive glacier which dwarfs the more famous Eyjafjallajökull Glacier many times over. fjallastakkur-icelandic-times-glasier

Ready, set, snowmobile!
Exploring the summit of Vatnajökull Glacier with Glacier Journey’s guided snowmobile tours begins at Guesthouse Skálafell in summer, and at the fabulous Jökulsárlón glacial lagoon in winter. For those with no snowmobile experience, your guides will be happy give you a mini-lesson to show you the ropes. You’ll be flying over the glacier on your snowmobile like a pro in no time.fjallastakkur-icelandic-times-hofn-hornarfjordurfjallastakkur-hofn-iceland-icelandic-timesFor those who prefer something a little tamer
Sit back, relax and watch the world go by, (or in this case, the glacier) from the comfort of a ‘super jeep’—a specially modified 4×4 that is needed to navigate Iceland’s rugged terrain. Led by Glacier Journey’s professional driver/guides, the tour will take you 1400m above sea level where, on a clear day, you can literally see forever….or so it seems. glacier-journey-tours-icelandictimes-hofnBraving the depths of an icy-blue cave
Vatnajökull’s ephemeral ice caves are probably one of the most astoundingly beautiful phenomena in Iceland. Tours run from November through March, as summers in south Iceland are too warm to support the caves year round and care must be taken even in winter. Glacier Journey’s highly trained professional guides are therefore a must and will be with you all the way in this unique environment that few have had the opportunity to see for themselves. glacier-journey-tours-icelandic-timesGlacier Journey Tours
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