Greenlandic art has existed throughout the history of the Inuit, an art bound up with the world of ideas and the way of life of the people of Greenland. The kayak, hunting gear and clothing have always been adorned with ornaments which are characteristic of the Arctic people. The art applied to tools and other articles of everyday use expresses the spirit inherent in nature that people want to ally themselves with while using these items. Greenland contemporary art is a continuation of the idioms of our forefathers and is executed in materials that can still be found in the everyday life of the Greenlandic people.

The motif for this logo is the Mother of the Sea who in old Greenland mythology represents the guardian of the riches of the sea. If she is satisfied with the behaviour of human beings, she will bring prey to the surface of the sea for them to catch. It is designed by Thue Christiansen, the same artist that designed our national flag.