Hlín Reykdal Studio
Visit an eclectic shop in Reykjavík’s Grandi neighbourhood.

Iceland’s fondness for innovation and design is no secret. In fact, Reykjavík is home to a relatively large group of talented and diverse designers, creating everything from product design objects to knitwear. However, much like the country, Iceland’s design culture is quite young—the Icelandic word for design, hönnun, was coined in the 1950s. The design community has grown considerably over the decades from a small, craft-based group to a proper industry, all while maintaining the quirky, nature-based Icelandic aesthetic.
hlin_reykdal_63Along with folklore and history, many Reykjavík creatives cite nature as a major influence in their work. Designers thrive on the geological contrasts of their small volcanic island, with its vast lava fields, punishing weather conditions, and the richness of the colours and textures of the landscape. Hlín Reykdal is one of those designers, with a line of accessories that are unique, yet timeless.
hlin reykdal studio2Dynamic young talent
Hlín is a young designer with a strong passion for fine art and design, which comes across in her beautiful creations. As the daughter of two artists, Hlín has design encoded in her DNA. Born in Reykjavík and a graduate in fashion design from the Iceland Academy of the Arts, Hlín started out as a designer of accessories. Her line of jewellery includes bold beaded bracelets, feminine soft tassel necklaces, and draped delicate necklaces. Her pieces are versatile as they can be worn for dressed up or casual occasions. Each is handmade in Iceland. Indeed, every bead is hand-painted and threaded with precision, using high quality materials. hlin_reykdal_10

hlin_reykdal_124Growing across the world
Hlín has grown her business with the help of her husband Hallgrímur, a civil engineer. Her work is stocked in scores of shops in several countries and she recently opened her flagship store in the up and coming Reykjavík neighbourhood of Grandi. Located at Fiskislóð 75, the studio is open Monday-Friday from 11:00-18:00 and Saturdays from 11:00–16:00. Her designs are also available at Epal, Mýrin, and Meba/Rhodium in Kringlan and Smáralind. Travellers on Icelandair flights can also purchase items from the Saga Shop. Be sure to stop by the Grandi shop during your visit to Reykjavík!

Hlín Reykdal studio

Fiskislóð 75, 101 Reykjavik
+354 616 2316
[email protected]