Hof is a cultural building designed for music and other performing arts, as well as top-notch facilities for conferences and meetings, receptions, parties and exhibitions. The building has two larger conference auditoriums and a comprehensive restaurant service. Hof has first-class facilities for events of various kinds and the best available technical equipment. The building was opened in August 2010.

The main auditorium seats 500 people. The seats are fastened to an inclined floor in the tradition of cinema theatres. The auditorium has a modern sound system, lighting equipment, technical booths, film projectors, telemeeting equipment, wireless Internet connection, DVD players and interpretation facilities. The auditorium has a large stage that can be adapted to the needs of users each time.

Hof_radstefnur-0554_2The side auditorium is a multiuse facility seating up to 200 people on a flat floor, providing many kinds of set-up possibilities. A stage can be placed in the auditorium if desired; meetings can be held there as well as conferences or parties. The auditorium has a modern sound system and lighting equipment, wireless Internet connection, telemeeting equipment, a DVD player, overhead projectors and a screen.

Sumar2011-135The restaurant in Hof is on two levels and seats up to 120 people. Nevertheless, accommodating up to 500 people for parties by opening into the adjacent space is no problem.

Supper Club AkureyriThe building’s lobby has a fully appointed service centre, with photocopying, computers, network connection and telephones. There is a magnificent high-ceilinged open space on the same floor suitable for exhibitions and presentations and an entry area well-suited to receptions and exhibitions.

The conference town of Akureyri is a world onto itself. The town is peaceful and compact, making it is easy to keep a group together while working or playing. First-class service is available in all areas, and it is very easy for everyone to enjoy the best. The possibilities for enjoyment are unlimited year-round, whether for sightseeing, group dynamics, sports, cultural events, presentations or training.

Sumar2011-064The town is famous for its diverse cultural activities in all areas. This includes a full symphony orchestra, the only professional theatre outside the capital city area and an ambitious art museum that is a credit to the town far and wide. The arts flourish in Akureyri. There are art exhibitions in large and small galleries and hundreds of concerts of all types.

Menningarhus_ThorhallurPedroThe centre of cultural life in Akureyri is Listagilid in the town’s centre. It includes the Akureyri Art Museum, the Akureyri School of Visual Arts and artists’ studios, smaller galleries, restaurants, the multipurpose spots Deiglan and Ketil-hús and guest studios for artists coming from all over.

Hof-view1The Folk Museum downtown is well-established and boasts remarkable exhibits, providing entertaining insight into the settled area’s development from the arrival of the first settlers to the present. The Aviation Museum and Museum of Industry are the other main museums in town.

Numerous major events are a permanent part of town life. For example, “Eina med öllu” (Hot Dog with the Works) on Verslunarmannahelgi (nationwide long weekend in early August), Easter Adventure, Aim Music Festival, Art Summer with its finale Akureyrarvaka and the Visual Arts Festival. In addition, the town will be especially lively six Saturdays of the year when all of its exhibition halls, under the leadership of the Art Museum, coordinate exhibition openings on the same day under the title “All Life’s Art”.

Sightseeing trips are educational and entertaining mixers for members of groups, and there are a lot of choices. Worth mentioning are short guided hikes in the oldest part of town, boat trips on Eyjafjördur, a historical tour of the old farm in Laufás (on the other side of the fjord), or a visit to Hrísey Island. Another possibility is flying to the island of Grímsey, north of the Arctic Circle. These trips generally take 1-4 hours.
Those choosing longer trips can, for example, go whale watching in Husavik, visit the natural paradise of Lake Mývatn or go white-water rafting in Skagafjördur. Longer trips can be expected to take at least 4-8 hours.

Sulur_logn2Group dynamics of various kinds strengthen group ties and lay a foundation for productive work. In Akureyri group solidarity can be built with sea angling, horseback riding, boat trips, bowling, golf tournaments, luxuriating in the town’s health spas, curling, skating and ski trips. Outdoor recreational areas in Kjarnaskógur Woods and Hamrar are also ideal for building team solidarity. It is perfect to organize orienteering, obstacle courses or a gigantic football game or frisbee golf.

A good option for getting to know the area is through presentations or visits to North Iceland’s companies, associations, institutions and individuals that have carved out their niches; they gladly receive guests.

All those wanting to enjoy life, indulge in food and drink, stay in first-class accommodations, see something unique and experience rejuvenating atmosphere should come to Akureyri. The environment, although peaceful, offers most of a major city’s attractions. It is lovely here to cater to both body and soul.

Sumar2011-056Akureyri and the surrounding areas have about 600 places to stay in the summer and 400 in the winter. Most of the hotels are in midtown, and whether you choose a four-star hotel or a comfy guesthouse, you will find what you are looking for. There are nine hotels in town and still more guesthouses; in addition, there are delightful country hotels only 10-15 minutes’ drive from midtown.

Akureyri and vicinity has numerous diverse restaurants. Most of them belong to the “Food from Eyjafjördur” project, emphasising products from the local area. The biggest restaurants can accommodate groups of up to 200, and with minor adjustments, the restaurant in Hof can seat up to 500. The town’s meeting places and sports auditoriums traditionally house impressive, magnificent parties for up to 1000.

Further information on events, accommodations, restaurants and other services for tourists and guests can be found at http:/www.visitakureyri.is/.