Hrísey and Látraströnd

Hrísey Island in the middle of Eyjafjörður is the second largest island off the coast of Iceland after Heimaey. It is 8 km² large, and its basalt base is 10 million years old. There has been a continuous settlement on the island since the settlement, but Hríseyjar Narfi Þrándarson was the first to settle there. Almost 160 people now live there, but the island is now a part of Akureyri after the merger of the municipalities in 2004. Hrísey is a bird sanctuary, but 40 species nest on the island, including ptarmigan, eider and arctic tern, which has the tendency to attack anyone who dares to venture into their nesting ground. The ferry that connects the island to the mainland sails 9 times a day from Árskógsströnd.

Photograph and text : Páll Stefánsson

Hrísey 17/07/2021  10:01 200-600mm