Iceland – Unique Island
Capturing the Uniqueness of Iceland

Taking in the entirety of Iceland’s nature, landscape and culture is an impossible task, which is why Kristján Ingi Einarsson’s new photography book, Iceland – Unique Island will come in handy. The book displays gorgeous panoramic pictures of the best of what Iceland has to offer, giving visitors a chance to relive their dream vacation, give others a glimpse of their experience or simply to enjoy a work of art.

A Trip Through the Country
Iceland – Unique Island takes the reader on a trip through Iceland – focusing on the the uniqueness of its diverse regions. Life in the city, the endless fjords in the East, the barren highlands and the ever popular Golden Circle, each have their own chapter in the book. The book is filled with vivid information about the photos, written by Ari Trausti Gudmundsson, a geoscientist, writer and member of parliament.

Kristján Ingi is a highly respected photographer in Iceland and has many best-selling photography books to his name. He says traveling around Iceland with a camera he feels like he’s taking care of the gifts of nature, by documenting them diligently. “It’s becoming increasingly rare to experience nature which is as pure and clean as in Iceland. It is certainly a privilege to be able to find pristine and tranquil photography opportunities almost wherever you set your foot down,” says Kristján Ingi.

Capturing the Moment
Being a photographer in Iceland is a work of patience, as weather and lighting conditions can change rapidly. “For me it is all about catching the moment. Some prefer to wait long periods of time for the perfect shot, whereas I like to move around and see what nature will offer each time. It’s almost like going fishing, sometimes you come home empty handed and sometimes you get lucky. You can photograph the same mountain 50 times and never get the same result, which makes my job so interesting,” says Kristján Ingi.

Treating Nature With Respect
Having photographed the country so extensively through the years Kristján Ingi is all too aware of the delicacy of the nature in Iceland. “I can see the changes happening already. We have to treat nature with respect and play an active role in preserving it – both locals and visitors. This is why I decided to donate 5% of the sales towards nature conservation,” says Kristján Ingi.

Other books by Kristján Ingi include Niceland – a pocket size souvenir, I Was Here and Horses and Nature.


The South
The south is very dear to me as I’ve spent the most time there. There is so much to see just when driving on the main road, not to mention if you go a bit off the main road. You have all the waterfalls and prominent glaciers at your fingertips.

The West
The west of Iceland is somewhat of a hidden pearl, which I think will become increasingly popular, especially the Snæfellsnes peninsula. There you have this magical region underneath the glacier which has some unexplainable power, which I think more and more people are discovering.

The Westfjords
Because of their remoteness, the Westfjords are often left out when planning trips around Iceland, but the experience of travelling there is unforgettable. You have these vast fjords which are completely unlike anything else. There you truly get the feeling you’re at the end of the world.

The North
The North just has a unique atmosphere in Iceland and I like to say going to Akureyri is like going abroad for us living in the South. The north has all these beautiful places like Mývatn, where it’s always a delight to visit.

The East
A big part of the East’s charm is the small fishing villages that connect the fjords of the east. Driving through the seemingly countless fjords there is always something to catch the eye.

The Highlands
Going to the highlands is definitely a favorite place of mine. The extreme weather conditions play such an interesting part in the landscapes. There is always something new to see. You can look in almost any direction and find no indication of civilization, almost af if your alone in the universe.