64° Reykjavik Distillery: Quality Crafted Spirits

Independent distillery with unique spirits and liqueurs 

64°  Reykjavik Distillery is a family run, independent micro -distillery that handcrafts  unique Icelandic-inspired spirits and liqueurs . Popular among locals and visitors alike, the spirits feature flavors including blueberry, juniper, crowberry and rhubarb. The  distillery, which was founded in 2009, uses handcrafted processes to create the  spirits including natural infusion and small batch distillation. The ingredients are  sourced sustainably, and are proudly foraged locally in Iceland. Great care is spent  in selecting the best ingredients as the unique quality and intensity of the berries  are key to the rich flavors of the spirits. There is a short window for foraging berries n Iceland, so the pickers must use the season perfectly to collect the best berries.

The spirits, which can be enjoyed in mixed drinks or on their own, can be found in  the finest restaurants and bars in Iceland as well as in state-run liquor stores.

Something for everyone

There is a flavor to suit all tastes: the blueberry, crowberry and rhubarb liqueurs are on the sweet side and are great for cocktails or to enjoy along with a dessert.

Reykjavik Distillery’s Einiberja (juniper) is a delicious gin that has an elegant, pure, yet intense and crisp flavor. Meanwhile, the company’s Brennivin packs a bit of a punch. Distilled from the best organic caraway seeds and local angelica seeds, 64°Brennivin is to be enjoyed neat with traditional Icelandic food. Lately native and international bartenders have discovered 64°Brennivín, along with other 64°Reykjavik Distillery spirits, to design fantastic cocktails.

Reykjavik Distillery