Earthquake and there will be water, Skjálftavatn Lake.

Skjálftavatn Lake in Öxarfjörður was formed during a landslide after the earthquake north of Kelduhverfi in the winter of 1975-1976. Shortly thereafter, trout entered this 4 km² large lake, and now you can also fish sea trout and river trout. Many waterfowl nest by the lake, including the common loon and swans. It is a short distance from Skjálftavatn to other natural treasures in the area, such as Ásbyrgi, Hljóðaklettar and Dettifoss Waterfall. The weather was not bad at Skjálftavatn this morning, the temperature well above 20 ° C / 68 ° F before nine o’clock this morning. From Reykjavík, it is just over 500 km / 300 mi to the waterfront and the excellent weather at Skjálftavatn.

Looking east over Skjálftavatn. The mountains Austurfjöllin, Öxarfjarðarnúpur, Þverárhyrna and Sandfell in the distance.

Öxarfjörður 26/08/2021 10:02: A7R IV / FE 1.8 / 14mm GM

Photo and text: Páll Stefánsson