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arkart icelandictimesQuality Icelandic design and leather handcraft is much sought after. “My first leather design was a handbag painted with colourful artwork and patterns,” says Guðrún Stefánsdóttir, a successful independent architect who found a second career in creative leather designs.
iceland icelandictimesGuðrún designs leather handbags and now she’s added necklaces and earrings to her Ark Art accessory collection. “I wanted to use the leather cut-offs for something useful, when I came up with the idea to use them to make jewellery—earrings and necklaces.”
arkart gudrun stefansdottir iceland icelandic timesGuðrún’s Ark Art leather jewellery is recognisable by her use of thin leather rings or squares and use of colours. It is a sophisticated yet simple design, skilfully using geometric shapes and colours.
Guðrún graduated from the Royal School of Architecture in Denmark in 1986. After working at an architect’s office, she started her own business.
icelandictimes arkart iceland“I’ve worked on some amazing projects, ranging from large buildings to single family homes. My favourite projects are those where I design everything from A-Z for private homes. Those projects would typically involve the house and interior design, the landscaping around the house and the furniture inside.”
iceland gudrun stefandsdottir arkartarkart gudrun stefansdottir iceland icelandictimesThe Ark Art collection is available at the National Art Gallery, Snorrastofa in Reykholt and directly from Guðrún.
More information can be found on Facebook: Ark.art leather design. -NHH

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