Life in the village
Árbær Open Air Museum comprises a village-like collection of over twenty “homes,” each of which is
a separate exhibition. Visitors learn how Reykjavík developed from a few scattered farms into the
capital of Iceland. On Sunday June 26 guests are invited to experience a journey back in time as they
watch the people in the village in their period costumes doing traditional chores in and outside of the
houses. Up in the loft at the original Árbær farmhouse building tasty Icelandic ‘lummur’ pancakes will
be cooked as yarn is spun in the traditional way. In a house called Nýlenda sits a fortune-teller ready to
read your destiny. Who can tell what good fortunes lie ahead?
Light refreshments will be available at Dillon’s Museum Café!
Admission is free for children 17 years and younger, elderly over 70 years of age and disabled people.