Photograph of the day – Photographer Páll Stefánsson

The largest gannet nesting site in North Iceland

Rauðinúpur, a cliff to the north and west of Melrakkaslétta, is one of the best places in Iceland to see seabirds. Many species of blackbird family nest there, among them the puffin. The gannet, the largest seabird in Europe, with a wingspan of 180 cm, also nests there. The photo is taken of the rock Karl, which is just below the northern tip of Rauðanúpur, where the densest gannet nesting site is. It is easy to walk on Rauðanúpur from the farmhouse Grjótnes, which lies south of the headland, or from Núpskötlar which lies a short distance east of Rauðanúpur.

Melrakkaslétta 27/06/2021 11:31 135mm

Text and photograph Páll Stefánsson