Redefining the Hotel Experience in Iceland

The Many Splendoured Keahotels
多家豪华基亚酒店/ Keahotels

Hotel Borg’s Touch of Class
格调高雅的博格酒店/Hotel Borg


The elegant and sophisticated Hotel Borg has recently been renovated and expanded to include a range of rooms from standard to superior and deluxe rooms, as well as fabulous suites with wonderful panoramic views over the city and distant snow topped mountain peaks. With a keen attention to detail and in keeping with its traditional Art Deco style, the hotel’s elegant architecture and custom made furnishings harken back to its former days of glory of the 1930s.
格调优雅、设计考究的博格酒店/Hotel Borg刚刚修整一新。目前酒店拥有各种客房,从标准间、到高档套间再到豪华套房,应有尽有。从豪华套房里可欣赏到城市的全景,白雪覆盖的远山一览无余。酒店装修细致考究,保留了传统的冰岛装饰艺术风格。酒店高雅的建筑外观和精美的定制家具再现了其在上世纪三十年代的辉煌。
For an extra dose of pampering, try the hotel’s geothermal spa and gym.

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Located on the hotel’s ground floor, Borg Restaurant offers one of Reykjavik’s top dining experiences with famous Icelandic artists and politicians among its clientele.
博格餐厅/Borg Restaurant位于酒店一层,冰岛著名的艺术家和政界人物经常在此用餐。餐厅为客人提供雷克雅未克/Reykjavik顶级餐厅的用餐的豪华体验。

 Suite 3
Reykjavik’s Apotek Boutique Hotel
雷克雅未克阿波特精品酒店/Apotek Boutique Hotel

Just a stone’s throw from Hotel Borg lies Apotek Hotel. The landmark five storey building from 1917 once housed Reykjavik’s original ‘apothecary’. Bright, modern rooms coupled with the graceful lines of 20th century Icelandic architecture add to the charm of this delightful boutique hotel. The engaging 57 m2 Tower Suite fully occupies the three top floors of the building.
阿波特酒店/Apotek Hotel距博格酒店/Hotel Borg仅几步之遥。酒店的五层大楼于1917年建成,是当地的地标性建筑,大楼曾是雷克雅未克/Reykjavik的“大药房”。酒店明亮、时尚的客房,加上二十世纪冰岛建筑的优美线条,为这家广受欢迎的精品酒店平添了几分魅力。酒店顶楼三层的客房面积都为57平米,均为精致迷人的塔楼套房。

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Apotek Restaurant, for smart-casual dining, boasts an Argentinian grill and  a menu that includes a cosmopolitan mix of Icelandic and European specialties. Artisan cocktails abound at the bar where award winning baristas keep things lively and entertaining. Its central location puts you right in the heart of Reykjavik’s upbeat nightlife and weekend activities.
阿波特餐厅/Apotek Restaurant提供时尚休闲餐,招牌菜为阿根廷烤肉以及冰岛、欧洲各地的佳肴。酒店吧台的各色鸡尾酒品种繁多,获奖调酒大师们的现场表演更是生动有趣。酒店位于市中心,方便游客体验雷克雅未克/Reykjavik充满律动的夜生活。

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Hotel-Kea-Suite-AkureyriHotel-Kea-Superior-Room-2-AkureyriHotel Kea Akureyri
阿库雷里基亚酒店/Hotel Kea Akureyri

The charming little town of Akureyri, with its colourful shops, cafés and restaurants, is home to Hotel Kea, one of North Iceland’s top rated and only four star hotel. Located in the town centre with views over Eyjafjörður fjord, Hotel Kea is your ideal base from which you can explore the area’s many scenic wonders such as Goðafoss, Lake Mývatn and Ásbyrgi.
在迷人的阿库雷里/Akureyri小镇上分布着五颜六色的小商店、咖啡馆和餐厅。一家顶级的基亚酒店/Hotel Kea也坐落于此,该酒店是冰岛北部唯一的四星级酒店。基亚酒店/Hotel Kea位于小镇中心,在酒店可以很方便地观赏埃亚峡湾/Eyjafjörður Fjord的壮观景色。这里也是前往上帝瀑布/Goðafoss、米湖/Lake Mývatn和阿斯匹吉峡谷/Ásbyrgi等多个神奇的自然景观探奇的绝佳住所。


Comfortable rooms all with ensuite bath ensure a good night’s rest after a full day of hiking or sightseeing and you have a choice of standard, deluxe, superior rooms, or suite.
Amid the splendour of Icelandic nature, Keahotels offer that touch of elegance and luxury that discerning visitors to Iceland are looking for.
 A match made in heaven?

Keahotels ehf (head office)

Skipagata 18
600 Akureyri
Phone: (354) 460 2050
Fax: (354) 460 4070
Email : [email protected]