_1F_5134_safneignNine Exhibitions at Three Venues

Reykjavik Art Museum’s Autumn 2014 Exhibitions are open to all

The Reykjavik Art Museum has been showcasing contemporary art since 1973. This autumn, the museum will present nine exhibitions in its three venues at different locations around the city: _DSC5387_Hafnarhus_ReykjavikArtMuseumHafnarhús (Harbour House)

The downtown location which is the museum’s institute of contemporary art, will display six exhibitions: Future Crash/Tribal TV, by Ásdís Sif Gunnarsdóttir, from 6th September to 19th October 19, 2014. This is a large video installation comprising ten works that reference films set in the future. They all feature mystical beings that appear in mysterious places, but perhaps these beings in the future are fragments from our ancient memories. Flatland, by Sirra Sigrún Sigurðardóttir, from 1st November, 2014 to 25th January, 2015. This show integrates video, text, movement, and sculpture. The title, ‘Flatland’ refers to an 1884 book that used the language of mathematics and geometry to portray social hierarchy in a satirical way. Synthesis, by an international team of seven artists, from 20th September, 2014 to 18th January, 2015. Tomas Saraceno (Argentina), Ernesto Neto (Brazil), Ragna Róbertsdóttir (Iceland), Ryuji Nakamura and Rintaro Hara (Japan), Mona Hatoum (Lebanon) and Monika Grzymala (Poland). Three-dimensional installations reflect the fabric of the world. Erro and Art History, from 6th September, 2014 to 27th September, 2015. Erro presents his unique visual world in collages that often borrow famous images by world renowned artists such as Picasso and Léger. Reactive Wall, by artist Mojoko and computer programmer Shang Liang, from 6th September to 19th October, 2014. This interactive artwork changes form as it reacts to sounds that you make. Worlds and Ways, by Gunther Damisch, from 1st November, 2014 to 25th January, 2015. Selection of his graphic works from the 1980s to 2013. DSCF0004 Kjarvalstaðir

Kjarvalstaðir is devoted to painting and sculptures by established artists. From 9th September, 2014, to 4th January, 2015, Kjarvalstaðir will host two exhibits by Andreas Eriksson, who is one of Sweden’s most acclaimed young artists: Roundabouts and Topsoil. Ericson displays selected paintings and drawings by Kjarval, his inspiration, along with some of his own works derived from his appreciation for Kjarval. asmundarsafn4 Ásmundarsafn

The sculpture museum presents A Posteriori: Houses, Sculptures from 13th September, 2014 to 1st February, 2015. The museum that is itself a work of art, hosts a selection of artworks by eight artists. The Curator is Yean Fee Quay.