Experiences to Remember

Reykjavik Excursions’ tours explore the wealth of South Iceland

When you plan your trip to Iceland, there are so many factors to consider.  Where will you go? Unless you are staying a long, long time, the land is reluctant to give up all its secrets easily.


Seeing the South

A tour to the South of Iceland makes a lot of sense. It has glaciers – including Europe’s largest, Vatnajökull. It has volcanoes, waterfalls, spectacular nature, birdlife, opportunities for adventure, sport, sightseeing, history, culture and beauty.
Of course, you could drive it yourself. However, if it is your first or second visit to Iceland, I would suggest you consider taking a tour. To start with, they know where to go, how to get there easily and what to look for. More than that, however, the guides are all highly trained and knowledgeable. As a result, you will get a lot more out of your time here with less strain or effort. Rental car contracts don’t allow travel on the rugged off-road routes to reach some of the more spectacular destinations, so the specialist Reykjavik Excursion tour buses, with their big wheels and specially designed viewing areas, make a lot of sense.
Another reason to take the tour is that everything is already pre-arranged for you, so there is no time wasted trying to find your activity, make sure you have the right clothing and equipment, etc. You can see at a glance what you will need to bring and what will be provided. They also provide basic training, where necessary, for your safety.


Take a Walk on the Ice Side

You remember that volcano that hit the news in 2010—Eyjafjallajökull? Fancy a walk up on the glacier to see its deep crevices, its ridges and its amazing naturally-formed ice sculptures? The tour goes further to the Sólheimajökull glacier tongue. Slipping and sliding on the ice is not funny, so you walk with crampons, which you can master easily with a little help. It makes all the difference and makes walking on the ice much safer. Now you can enjoy the glacier without wondering if you’ll end up flat on your back! On the way home, you will  visit Skógafoss and Seljalandsfoss—two beautiful, but very different, waterfalls.

Glacier Adventure

Another tour, another glacier. This time, the Mýrdalsjökull, with its spectacular views. What makes it an adventure is the snowmobiling. All the equipment is provided to make this tour memorable—and snowmobiling is certainly that!

tveir jeppar vetur

Jeep Adventure

Perhaps snowmobiling is not to your taste but you like the idea of the glacier and its photographic possibilities. The luxurious Super Jeeps, with their oversized tyres, take you right up to the edge of the Katla volcanic caldera. The view from the glacier’s 1500 m height offers panoramic views of South Iceland, making this a family day to remember.


The South Shore Adventure

For a nature-lover, this tour takes you all the way down the coast to the picturesque village of Vík, with its black sand beaches, strange rock formations at Reynisdrangur, its beautiful, soaring bird cliffs. The tour also stops at the same two waterfalls as well as the folk museum at Skógar—a fascinating trip back in time, portraying the lives of the local people in past centuries.
You experience one of Iceland’s most scenic regions—including the massive Mýrdalsjökull glacier.


Skaftafell in the Summer

The Skaftafell National Park is best enjoyed in the summer months. Two tours go to this natural wonder, one that includes a 2-hour glacier walk. Surrounded on three sides by glaciers, the tour provides a view of the highest mountain in Iceland, Hvannadalshnjúkur, and you can walk up to the picturesque Svartifoss waterfall, with its basalt columns. Even in summer, you should bring warm and rainproof clothing and good hiking boots.


Jökulsárlón Lagoon

Another summer tour takes you all the way down the south coast to the fantasy Jökulsárlón glacial lagoon. It’s further than the other tours so you get to see all their highlights as you go. This is a popular place for photographers and a boat can take you between the icebergs on the lagoon.

Enjoy All Iceland

Summer provides another possibility. Rather than taking a single tour, the ‘Iceland On Your Own’ programme gives you the chance to plan your stay to include all you want to see, when you want to see it. Jump on, jump off travel around almost the whole country—including routes through the Highlands that are inaccessible in winter. You can either pay as you go or, easier, get a prepaid ‘bus passport’.


The Highlands of Iceland



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