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Science and research centre in Breiðdalsvík’s oldest house „Gamla Kaupfélagið“, built in 1906: Breiðdalssetur facilitates earth and literary research activities focused on East Iceland, as well as hosting exhibitions on geology, linguistics and local history. The exhibitions are about: The history of science and the mineral Iceland spar, the writer and linguist Stefán Einarsson from Breiðdalur valley (1897-1972), the geology and minerals of the Eastern Fjords and the world famous British volcanologist George P.L.Walker (1926-2005). Occasionally Breiðdalssetur centre is also called „the Walker Centre“.

Open daily from 11:00-18:00 20th May – 15th September. Otherwise by appointment

Gamla Kaupfélagið 760 Breiðdalsvík

470-5565, 470-5560

[email protected]


Open from 20/05/2011 to 15/09/2011