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The Viking

The Viking Store has been a family business for decades founded in Akureyri by the head of the family Sigurður Guðmundson in the 1950’s. The Viking Store in Akureyri is situated in the heart of town in „Göngugatan“ or „The Pedestrian Street“ in Hafnarstræti 104 in a renovated space that used to be the oldest pharmacy in town.

The store still has some of the original furnishings and well preserved medicine bottles and equipment that was left behind when the pharmacy closed years ago. The Viking Store in Akureyri is the largest store with the best selection of outdoor clothing and the handmade Icelandic sweaters or what we call „lopapeysa“.


The Viking Store has two shops in Reykjavík located in the city center. One is on the main shopping street at Laugavegur 1 and the other  in Hafnarstræti 3 which has a larger section of outdoor clothing.


Hafnarstræti 104 600 Akureyri, Hafnarstræti 1-3 101 Reykjavík, Skólavörðurstigur 3 101 Reykjavik

+354 461 5551, +354 551 1250, +354 551 1250

[email protected]



Reykjavík Akureyri