Víðir Mýrmann

Vernissage and a artist talk with Mýrmann this Saturday
Víðir Mýrmann invites you for a light artist talk in connection about his exhibition “Existence” which will conclude in Gallerí Fold this Saturday. The artist will be at the show from 1 pm.

Land and nature change just as people do but at a different pace. Man has the tendency to want to evolve quickly towards technological advances and further away from nature and land, which has led us to have lost this crucial connection to land and nature that we previously possessed.

“Existence” is an exhibition in which the viewer is invited to pause and reflect and attempt to tether us to the ground again, to enjoy the moment and be present. “I paint through intuition and I listen to it – the result are my paintings” says the artist who also explains that he seeks inspiration from his origins and his near environment. He mostly utilises oil on canvas, but he learned his strokes from the accredited painter Odd Nedrum.

In 2019 he finished his Masters in Design from UCA in Britain. Mýrmann has participated in many group exhibitions, as well as representing about 20 private exhibitions. This is Mýrmann’s third exhibition in Gallery Fold.
The exhibition runs until 25. September.

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Rauðarárstíg 12-14 105 Reykjavik

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The exhibition runs until 25. September 2021.


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