Sjávarpakkhúsið Restaurant & Bar

Splendid Seafood in Stykkishólmur


Sjávarpakkhúsið restaurant in Stykkisholmur

Despite its humble beginnings as a fish packing plant, or perhaps because of it, Sjávarpakkhúsið is fast becoming known in this part of Iceland as one of the places to go for straight-out-of-the-boat fish and seafood dishes. It’s a small unpretentious place, decorated with an unmistakably minimalist Icelandic flair.  There’s no hiding behind pompous decor or gaudy frills – the beautifully presented food takes centre stage, as well it should.
sjavarpakkhusid iceland icelandic timeschocpletsSpecialties include generous portions of blue mussels in white wine dependent on availability, scallops cooked to perfection, and a hearty fish soup. Top it off with a local craft beer or glass of wine and you have the makings of a great meal out.  Musically endowed patrons have been known to spontaneously break out into song on the in-house piano or guitar, and a few times a month local musicians pop in for an evening jam session of spirited Icelandic folk music or whatever strikes their fancy.  Built oIMG_1635ver 100 years ago, Sjávarpakkhúsið boasts the more recent addition of a large veranda that overlooks the harbour where colourful fishing vessels of every size are neatly arranged. The cosy ambiance, the authenticity of the picturesque setting and the succulent food all add up to an excellent dining experience right here in Stykkishólmur.
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Sjávarpakkhúsið Restaurant & Bar

Hafnargata 2 • 340 Stykkishólmur
+354 438 1800
[email protected]