The Wonderful Wild Northwest

Beauty in nature, animal and birdlife in Húnaþing vestra

Húnaþing vestra, (pron.: hoo-na-thing vest-ra) on the northwest coast of Iceland, is a region renowned for its amazing wildlife and natural beauty. Consequently, each year, thousands of tourists, native and foreign alike, visit the area as a great place to enjoy the outdoors and experience all the best of the Icelandic wilderness. Húnaþing vestra also offers a wide range of possibilities in both accommodation and recreation.
aIMG_3591IMG_3196hestar1    The mesmerizing landscape alone is reason enough for spending a good part of your trip in the region, as some of Iceland’s most stunning natural wonders can be found there. The imposing Hvítserkur is without a doubt the area’s most distinct hvitserkur4symbol. A 15 m high monolith and a home to numerous bird species, it rises from the sea of Húnafjörður fjord resembling a giant, prehistoric monster wading ahead to the shores that brim with life as one of the largest seal habitats in the country. There aren’t many places where these beautiful animals can be viewed in such closeness in their natural environment, so this is truly a unique experience that is bound to captivate both young and old.
Húnaþing vestra is a grassy district, well fit for farming and rich in natural resources. It’s the home of three of the most plenteous salmon rivers in the country and has a varied birdlife which attracts ever more birdwatchers each year. Walking, hiking and riding paths have been laid systematically over the past years, making access to the area as satisfying as possible. Additionally, information signs have been put up and panoramic viewpoints created which are sure to enrich the visitors’ experience of the area even further.hvammstangi7
vatnsnes1But the region’s cultural history is no less interesting than it’s natural surroundings. This is the birthplace of one of Iceland’s most notorious heroes from the old sagas, Grettir the Strong. The beloved poet Skálda-Rósa, of the 19th century, lived and wrote her most famous poems here. There are also various farmers markets, museums and exhibitions of interest, cultural as well as educational. In spite of it’s humble population of around 1200, Húnaþing vestra has a remarkably high service standard and the area is, to say the least, bursting with life and activity, which is sure to leave no one untouched.