Þorlákshöfn on the up and go

The town of Þorlákshöfn on the south coast, where Reykjanes meets Suðurland, now has around 2000 inhabitants. Þorlákshöfn is just over a 45 minutes drive from Reykjavík and is the town, or municipality of Ölfus, that is growing the most rapidly in Iceland. There is an excellent port there, where the Faroe Island’s shipping company Smyril Line Cargo sails three times a week from Europe to Þorlákshöfn with goods. After all, the harbor is excellent, for cargo and fishing vessels, the nearest good harbor in the east is Höfn in Hornafjörður, over 400 km away. Þorlákshöfn was built primarily as a fishing village in the beginning. When the place Elliðahöfn, which was renamed Þorlákshöfn 70 years ago, 14 people lived there. Construction are now almost completed on the largest fish farm on land, at Þorlákshöfn, a station that is estimated to produce 20 thousand tons of salmon per year, and create 150 to 200 jobs. The export value could reach 20 thousand million per year.

Budding constructions sites in Þorlákshöfn

 The beautiful harbour in Þorlákshöfn

Mykines, ferry from Smyril Line, bringing cars to Iceland from Europe

Fishing containers by the harbour

Pumice stone being exported through Þorlákshöfn

They have a great swimming pool and sportshall in Ölfus, Þorlákshöfn

Photographs & text: Páll Stefánsson
05/03/2023 : A7C, A7R IV, RX1R II : FE 1.2/50mm GM, FE 1.8/135mm GM, 2.0/35mm Z