Villimey is an Icelandic herbal organic company based in the West Fjords, one of the most remote parts of Europe and where the nature as well as the ocean is extremely pure. The products are hand picked and then hand made from a to z. The production process is of top quality.

All the products, which are 100 percent organic, contain specially selected Icelandic herbs. Because of the climate, the herbs grow slowly and that makes them more effective. The healthiest herbs are gathered in peak condition.

Villimey has received an International Organic Certification. An Icelandic independent research company did a research that shows that Villimey production of for example salves and ointments with Icelandic herbs, is in accordance with the strictest requirements for hygiene and quality practices. Some Icelandic doctors like plastic surgeons as well as other staff at hospitals like at burn units recommend the products.

Villimey’s products range from for example baby rash to sore joints and itchy feet as well as products that beautify skin and heal wounds.

No product is put on the market unless it has been used for four to five years.

Villimey ships it’s products all over the world. The company’s products will probably be sold in Taiwan and Russia in the near future.