Ytra Lón: At World’s End
For many Iceland‘s biggest appeal is it‘s remoteness and tranquility and Iceland doesn‘t get more remote and tranquil than Langanes peninsula. On Langanes you‘ll find Ytra Lón, a friendly farm hostel run by a Dutch-Icelandic family, from where you can explore Langanes‘ abundance of beautiful and splendid landscapes.

ytralon3Situated on the north-eastern corner of Iceland, the peninsula is virtually void of inhabitants, except for a large bird population. It is therefore the ideal place for nature lovers who want to experience nature far away from the bustle of city life – in fact no other hotel in Iceland is situated further from Reykjavík than Ytra Lón.

Birdwatchers and nature lovers are in luck, as just 25 km from Ytra Lón you’ll find the best conditions in Europe to view the Northern Gannet and other species as well, even the rare Brünnich’s Guillemot.

ytralon2Visiting the furthest peak of Langanes, named Fontur, is a unique experience in itself and if not for the diligent work of cartographers throughout the centuries you’d be forgiven thinking that it’s the world’s end. Except for a single lighthouse and your travelling companions you’ll be totally free from all signs of civilization. Among other activities in the area are bird-watching and egg collecting, horseback riding, hiking tours and angling, to name a few. The staff at the hostel is extremely friendly and can arrange transportation or guided hikes out to the peninsula.

The stay at the hostel is also an experience in itself, as the proprietors also run a sheep farm on location. You can observe the day-to-day life of Icelandic sheep herders and if you’re lucky you can witness and partake in the “sauðburður” season, which is when the sheep start giving birth. Sauðburður usually starts in May.

Ytra Lón offers a wide variety of accommodation – including sleeping bag, made-up beds and has recently opened a new wing with fully equipped apartments, which are ideal for families and groups.

Ytra Lón have also set up a new venture named Art Hostel – Ytra Lón where artits and art students from all over the world will convene and work together using Langanes as an inspiration. Ytra Lón will of course provide accommodation and a working space for the artists.

For further information and booking contact +354 468 1242, +354 846 6448 or [email protected]