Vestfirðir of course

In a 2021 survey by the Tourism Council, it was evident that eight out of ten tourists who visited the country were coming to the country for the first time. It was nature that drew 95% of travellers to Iceland, and 90% came here on vacation. Two-thirds of tourists rented a car upon arrival. Around 95% of tourists visited the capital, 85% visited the south, 75% Reykjanes, 60% the west, almost 50% the north, and 40% visited the east. Then there are the western fjords, Vestfirðir, they remain the one region that you might say are rather left out. Because only 18% of tourists visited the region. Which is one of the most beautiful in the whole country. There are beautiful fjords, waterfalls, small fishing villages and the biggest bird cliffs in the country. There you can also find the largest nature reserve, Hornstrandir, and the most beautiful beach, Rauðisandur. Here are some photographs from the beautiful Vestfirðir.

Hornvík in the nature perserve Hornstrandir

Dynjandi waterfall in Arnarfjörður

Bíldudalur in Arnarfjörður

Hrafnseyri in Arnarfjörður, a museum and the birthplace of Jón Sigurðsson President who was born in 1811

Skötufjörður in Ísafjarðardjúp

Rauðisandur on Bárðarströnd, in the far you can see one of the largest bird cliffs in the northern hemisphere, Látrabjarg

Photographs & text: Páll Stefánsson
Vestfjörður 30/05/2023 : A7RIII, A7R IV, RX1R II : FE 1.2/50mm, 2.0/35mmz, FE 2.8/100mm GM, FE 1.8/20mm G, FE 1.4/24mm GM