Entranced by the East

Quality handcraft at the East Iceland Crossroads

rosa hus handannaOrmurEgilsstaðir was founded by a farmer who built a house at the start of the 20th century. He was confident in his choice of land and predicted ‘the crossroads will be here’, which later proved true.

Magic Happens at the Crossroads
According to Icelandic folklore, when coming to a crossroads, one should stop and envision what greatness lies ahead and by magic it will come true.
gibbagibbAt East Iceland’s busiest crossroad in Egilsstaðir sits the enchanting Hús Handanna in a building shared with the Tourist Information Centre.
The gallery specialises in promoting and selling East Icelandic design. Filled with some of the most intriguing designs the region has to offer, there is a wide selection of paintings, beautiful ceramic products, quality handcrafts made of reindeer skin, antlers and local woodwork.
Local food delicacies from Austfirskar Krásir (East Iceland Delicacies), are also featured. East Iceland Delicacies was founded in 2009 to reinforce the East Iceland food heritage and to combine the forces of those involved in local food production. Food souvenirs are a relatively new feature in Iceland. Hús Handanna has quite a few East Icelandic delicacies meant to tickle your taste buds.
Every month sees a special emphasis on one particular artist and designer—with special focus on their work and often special offers on their creations.

Anne kamp 2Introducing local designers
Ríkey graduated in 2003 from the Haandarbejdes Fremmes Seminarium in Copenhagen, majoring in textile and embroidery. Since graduation she has been designing and working on projects under her own name as well as co-designing a successful clothing line for boys, Húnihún.
Ríkey started creating collars in 2006. Her beautiful designs can embellish and completely change an outfit, combining both fashion and functionality. Inspired by lace and embroidered collars from the Romantic era, Ríkey believes that such mystic femininity adds a great touch to modern fashion. Handmade from wool, sometimes mixed with mohair, silk or kashmir, the collars are often decorated with jewellery. The main source is recycled vintage lace doilies—usually crocheted or tatted, that are dyed, arranged and mixed with embroidery and gems, giving each collar a unique feel.
hus handabba icelandic times
Enter partners Rósa & Zdenek
The longing to make a significant positive difference, combined with an interest in design, led partners Rósa Valtingojer and Zdenek Patak  to get together in 2006.
Rósa, a textile and ceramic designer, originally from East Iceland, introduced graphic designer, Zdenek, to her hometown in Stöðvarfjörður, where they now live and envision future locations for sustainable communities.
HusHandannaMynd1Designing for, and running Mupimup! Recycled by Design, the couple’s design approach is focused on post-consumerism and recycling industrial waste. – SP/ASF

Ormsteiti 2006 150

icelandic times  Fagradalskyr jpeg 52x89 dpi95x (2)Hús Handanna

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