Island Luxury

Exclusive apartments in a prime area downtown with spectacular views

In 2006, no-one imagined these would be the last luxury tower blocks to be built right downtown. Positioned so that the noise of the city would not be audible on the shores of Faxafloi Bay, with views stretching out across the ocean to snow-covered mountain ranges beyond and, in the other direction, an equally dramatic panorama of the city, these are apartments that are much sought-after by foreign investors and local residents alike.
How often can you walk out of your apartment and, in 5 minutes, be sitting in a theatre, cinema or restaurant right downtown? Or take a stroll along the shore to the world famous Harpa concert hall and conference centre just 500 metres across the road?


Vibrant and safe

Unlike most of the world’s major cities, Iceland has a very low crime rate and no-one would think twice about walking around its vibrant centre, filled with fascinating art and culture, entertainment, shops, coffee houses and restaurants covering a wide range of both Icelandic and international cuisine. Healthcare centres, schools and kindergartens are also within a very close vicinity.
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There is frost-free, secure underground parking for each apartment. The walking areas around the tower entrances are heated to keep them clear of snow and ice in winter. A superintendent oversees the security and maintenance of each tower.
These are the tallest apartment towers in the country. When the first of the 18-floor towers were built, they were quickly snapped up, so undoubtably, the last two towers in the project will be equally as popular. In this final phase, a total of 77 apartments are being constructed, though some have already been sold even before the building stage.


Take a tour

With a range of different sizes available – from 80m2 to a tw0-floor penthouse over 300m2 in size, there are apartments to meet the needs of everyone. To take full advantage of the views, the windows stretch from floor to ceiling. The company has selected the strongest and most long-lasting Protec windows, having them imported from the manufacturers in Denmark. Underfloor heating has been installed, so as not to interrupt the view with unsightly radiators and each apartment is air-conditioned. The balconies offer a spot to relax and enjoy the beauty of the panorama in the fresh air, with glass panels under the railing to maximize the view.
The interiors are designed by one of Iceland’s top interior designers, with a choice of colour schemes and surfaces. Slipstone, a higher quality stone than granite, has been chosen for the surfaces and is also available in a variety of finishes.

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20130506_Skuggi_321As one would expect in quality apartments of this type, they have been designed for soundproofing, fire protection, for security and the future. Fire alarms are built-in and connected to a central system.

Making your house your home

While still at the building stage, there are a wealth of custom options available that can be incorporated for purchasers of the apartments. Wall surfaces, flooring, kitchen and bathrooms can all be custom designed.
In planning for future options, the design of the wiring, for instance, takes into account the advances being made in home automation, so that buyers may install their system of choice at their own convenience.

A home with a history and a future

This part of Reykjavik has a fascinating history, with the first structure being built around 1800, turf houses giving way to timber around 1900 and the Skuggi website gives a dramatic portrayal through photos from different time periods, providing a perspective on the past. The website also provides a panoramic view like the inhabitants of the towers can expect to see and a detailed overview of the project.

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Iceland is the advanced hub of a fast-developing region with excellent fast and efficient communications between the continents, powered by green, renewable energy, independent of fossil fuel price fluctuations and pollution. With the countryside only 15min away, sport and relaxation are close at hand, making for a healthy, invigorating lifestyle.
Whether you might be thinking of a new home, a pied de terre for the times you visit the country or you are looking for an investment opportunity, the Skuggi development provides a unique moment to own a property in what is undoubtedly the best location in town in respect of easy access to the Reykjavik’s centre, the countryside and spectacular views of both city and nature. Nothing like it will be built again, according to the city’s current plans.



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